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Bamboo boxer shorts, letter or string

Only one thing is important in underwear. It should be good and comfortable and you should not get any shed irritations. That is a guarantee that we give. Because of the soft fabric, which is sturdy, because of the good fit, they fit perfectly, better ventilates and thus better regulate moisture with better dry results, our bamboo underwear with 95% bamboo like no other underwear feels. You want comfort, with Ollies Fashion underwear that is exactly what you get. You must have tried bamboo underwear with 95% bamboo. bamboo underwear is wonderfully warm in the winter and airy in the summer.

  • Silky softness
  • Smells longer fresh
  • Iron-free
  • Regulates moisture much better
  • Antibacterial
  • Quick drying
  • Absorbing super moisture

Suffer from excessive perspiration? Do not worry, bamboo absorbs moisture like no other, dries quickly and smells much longer. If you have a sensitive skin, then Ollies Fashion has your ideal underwear. Precisely for sensitive skin, our toppers are an ideal invention.

Bamboo is the textile type of the future.