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Bamboo Spaghetti top

Ladies spaghetti top of bamboo, delicious under clothing or as a top to wear.

Ladies bamboo tip of 95% bamboo | Ollies Fashion

Bamboo Spaghetti top

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Bamboo shirt, spaghetti top or singlet

Ladies are completely crazy about bamboo clothing.

The bamboo tops are so soft that they almost melt in your hands. The shirt should be comfortable and comfortable and you should not get any sharpening irritations. Bamboo is like a second skin, without feeling it. That is a guarantee that we give. Because of the soft fabric, which is sturdy, due to the Slim Fit fit, it closes perfectly, better ventilates and therefore regulates better moisture. The result is better dry, bamboo underwear with 95% bamboo like no other underwear feels. You want comfort, with Ollies Fashion underwear that is exactly what you get. You can wear it both as undergarments or as a top on a pair of jeans.

Bamboo spaghetti tops are wonderfully warm in the winter and airy in the summer.

Did you already know that bamboo textile is ideal if you suffer from hot flushes?