Beautiful polo in white black or blue, wonderful on vacation or during a game of tennis or golf.

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The name 'polo' suggests otherwise, the name polo shirt was once created as a white tennis shirt. In the 1920s, tennis clothing consisted of long flannel trousers and a long-sleeved shirt. Tennis player René Lacoste (winner of seven Grand Slam titles) replaced the impractical shirt for an easy shirt with collar, short sleeves, button closure and the crocodile logo. Polo players quickly took over Lacoste's design and made sure that the shirt was named polo shirt.

Always stylish and casual with men's polosWith polo's you quickly create a stylish, casual look. A men's polo on jeans, chinos or jeans is always good. With a jacket over it, you go out nicely dressed. Wear suspenders and leather lace-up shoes or nice sneakers for a preppy street-style. Since the classic piqué polos there are a lot of variants added.