Bamboo viscose boxer underwear Ollies Fashion

Bamboo viscose clothing,

Ollies Fashion has tested its collection of bamboo products for authenticity and quality. Bamboo is a rayon that is won by processing bamboo plant or grass species into a fiber or yarn. because we sell one of the few in the Netherlands a high value of 95% bamboo, the research was carried out by a Dutch institute and they made the following photos.

Bamboo viscose jersey Ollies Fashion 

What you see on the top photo is the bamboo fiber / yarn woven in Jersey here you can see the jobs well.

Bamboo / spandex jersey scale to 500 Ollies Fashion

The same kind of photo of a bundle of bamboo fibers in color.

According to the research institute

'The textile consists of bundles of two types of fibers. It appears to be a network of knotted elastic fibers, in which a bundle of a second type of fiber is woven around the elastic fibers. The elastic fiber is an elastane-like (a polyether urethane) material and the other fiber is a viscose (a synthetic cellulose) bamboo material.

Bamboo is like a rayon that is made by processing it into a fiber with chemicals or enzymes.

What is bamboo?

Bamboo is the fastest growing plant in the world. The plant grows about twenty-five meters in 30 days. It is easy to grow because bamboo really only needs a lot of sunlight. The chance of failing is small. No additional water is required for the cultivation of bamboo and because the bamboo itself produces an anti-bacterial substance, no pesticides are needed when growing. This is of course very healthy for the soil and your skin, because there is no poison involved for growing bamboo! Bamboo also helps to counter the greenhouse effect because it absorbs CO2 from the air, and bamboo does this better than ordinary trees. Less good to bamboo is that in certain ways of processing chemicals are used, and that bamboo is not yet grown on a large scale. There are also sometimes ordinary forests cut down to plant bamboo on, and that is perhaps well intended, but of course not really sustainable. It is not fair to say that bamboo is bad because it is produced through a chemical process because almost every clothing fabric comes during the process against chemicals or during growth or when coloring. Even on silk there is a downside (silk caterpillar), where the caterpillar is killed before it emerges.

How is the bamboo fiber manufactured?

Bamboo is dissolved and new threads are then made. This way a natural synthetic fiber is made. These fabrics or yarn are very strong and at the same time very smooth and supple; that is so soft. For making viscose, the bamboo leaves and the wood are cooked and dissolved. Bamboo clothing produced in this way is also called bamboo dressing. Bamboo is easier to paint, so that fewer chemicals and water are needed than for example with cotton. According to the National Geographic, bamboo environment is more friendly than cotton and the petroleum-derived nylon and polyester synthetic fibers. Mr. P. van der Lugt, bamboo sustainability researcher at Delft University of Technology, thinks that rapid growth makes bamboo sustainable. Mosobamboe grows two to three times as fast on sustainably managed plantations as high-quality wood teak and oak. This is an environmental advantage that should not be underestimated.