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Myle shirts a shirt that buttons on it but they are closed by magnets.

The shirts are designed for people with disabilities of the fine motor skills.

MYLE, Make Your Life Easy.

Has developed a shirt (magnetic shirt) where there are buttons on the shirt you also see on a normal because it just did not notice that you are wearing a special shirt, but the shirts shut by a magnet. The magnets are incorporated into the fabric so you can not see on the outside.

The shirts have a modern fit and therefore look just like a normal overhemd. De shirts have the buttons very easy to pull on and off. (Even if you do not limit it is a very nice and easy product).

In many people with disabilities (in the fine motor skills) as Parkinson's virtually impossible to pull a shirt independently at length, even though one's whole life is accustomed to dress independently. Obviously we are talking not only about people with Parkinson's, but there are many other conditions that limit the fine motor skills of the fingers. These include diabetes, MS, Arthritis (Rheumatoid Arthritis), after a stroke or TIA (Transient Ischemic Attack), and so many other conditions that make it difficult for independent dressing.

Unfortunately, the product is not suitable for everyone, our shirts have magnets incorporated in the fabric and because magnets in the fabric, do not wear our shirts if you have a heart simulator (pacemaker) implant. The pacemaker can cause upsets as it comes close to magnets.

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