Lovely seated men boxers. These briefs are available in different sizes and colors. We always stack off. From 2 or more get more discount.

boxershort from 95 procent bamboo


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Bamboo boxer shorts, boxers or underwear.

With boxer shorts, only one thing is important. The boxer must sit well and comfortably and you should not get any shed irritations. That is a guarantee that we give. Because of the soft fabric, which is sturdy, due to the Slim Fit fit, they close perfectly, ventilate better and thus regulate better moisture. The result is better dry, bamboo boxer shorts with 95% bamboo like no other boxershorts. You want comfort, with boxershorts from Ollies Fashion that's exactly what you get. You must have tried bamboo underwear with 95% bamboo. bamboo underwear is wonderfully warm in the winter and airy in the summer.

Did you know that bamboo textile is future?